MEDIeA Seminar, Nairobi:
Social media as a tool for social transformation

by Admin on 6 May 2011

Media are crucial to the exercise of freedom of expression. Public opinion can only be formed if a public that engages in rational discussion is able to create and occupy a communicative space that is, ideally, free and independent of established interests and as well as, open and accessible to all citizens. The ongoing emergence and convergence of the electronic media has changed notions of the public sphere radically.

MEDIeA invites to a full-day seminar on Social media as a tool for social transformation: Encouraging Civic Engagement, Good Governance and Democratisation? – to be held in Nairobi, 17 May 2011. Participation is free, but we kindly ask you to register with Norbert Wildermuth ( or call +254 (0) 724 391 980) to facilitate our logistic planning.

For more information on seminar content and venue, download information sheet here. [Added 11 May 2011:] See also the full seminar programme, and the list of participants.

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